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Rangoli with Circular pattern

Stencil cut out to make Rangoli

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Embroidery Design

Wonderful Rangoli patterns and designs with Circular pattern

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Circle Rangoli Design

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Diwali Rangoli Designs

            Freehand circle Rangoli.
 Different colored Circles are used in this Rangoli for stylish design and beautiful look.

India has ancient Tradition of Rangoli, mostly popular among womens.
Rangoli is created on the floor but can also be created on the walls
colored powders

Charming and Beautiful Circle Design.

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Cucumber Circle Design

Cucumber Circle Design that can be used for Embroidery on Clothes, Saree etc

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My Collection of Free Wonderful Circle Designs

Wonderful Circle Designs in just a few seconds.

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Saree Embroidery Design

For Saree embroidery design there are lots of  choices for color combination, designs.
Star shaped design in Pink color catch eye of people. It looks simple and attractive.

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Circle and Floral Logo Design

Circle can be used as Logo for website / blog along with heading. 

You can Design your own logo, by using circle and Flowers of different colors.

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Circle Embroidery Designs

Circle drawing is most difficult task, if done  manually. Of-course you can create wonderful drawings and designs with circle. Floral designs also include circles to enhance the beauty.
This is an example of Wonderful Circle Designs in just a few seconds..

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Freehand Drawings and Rangoli Designs